Onward VR Free weekend on Oculus Home Starting October 26th, 2018

Hey PC VR owners, Haven’t tried Onward VR yet? Onward is a multiplayer army shooter which focuses on realism, and it has created a name for itself as among the very best aggressive VR games available at this time.

There is no requirement Vive and Rift possess a excellent shooter of the own you could try for free that weekend. Downpour Interactive’s Onward is going to be liberated to play with from October 26th to 28th through Oculus Home. It will provide you with the opportunity to experience the most recent edition of the sport, which adds controllers tailored into the Oculus Touch controls (instead of simply emulating the Vive controllers as before) along with the capacity to capture then throw back grenades, which has to happen in actual warfare all of the time. It’s quickly becoming one of the most played games and has made it’s way into the Esports brackets. If you haven’t given it a shot or are looking for something to play with that new headet on the way keep you eye’s pealed.

Be sure to give it a go during the free weekend starting on the 26th October on Oculus Home!

Will we see you on the battlefield?

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Sekai Project Streamed ‘Secret Video’ – Tokyo Chronos VR Visual Novel’s

Sekai Project Streamed ‘Secret Video’ – Tokyo Chronos VR Visual Novel’s

In Japan VR Anime News the Sekai Project started loading a “secret film” movie with English subtitles on Friday to get MyDearest’s Tokyo Chronos VR visual book project. The movie features the personality Yuria.Sekai Project established a Kickstarter effort for its visual publication on July 10, along with the effort increased US$90,625, exceeding the initial financing target of US$75,000.
Sekai Project clarifies the visual publication:The VR project is slated for a launch on Oculus and Vive through Steam and on PlayStation VR in ancient 2019. It’s an interesting look at what’s going in on VR in Japan and gives you the sense of wonder was to what will come into VR in the future.

Sekai Project describes the visual novel:

Tokyo Chronos is a mystery novel about 8 childhood friends separated from the reality of this world, and trapped in an empty Shibuya, barren of any other souls. As time and space seemingly comes to a halt, the eight begin to disappear, one by one. What has happened to this world? What is happening to the ones trapped inside this hollow void? Who is the culprit that set the mystery in motion in a space that stands still.

The VR project is slated for a release on Oculus and Vive via Steam and on PlayStation VR in early 2019. The companies plan to release the game in Japanese, English, and Chinese.


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Twin Peaks VR – Red Room Experience Soon?

I have to admit I’ve never partaken in Twin Peaks VR, therefore much of this encounter would most likely be lost on me. I have got no doubt that there’ll be enough in there for lovers to pore over and create exotic theories about, however.
The experience will be launching on the Rift and Vive at an undisclosed date through Steam.
The cult classic series is really getting its very own experiential piece for its Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Collider reports (in fact, it seems Collider’s Games Team is actually working on the project). Set to debut at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption at L.A. after this month, this piece features key strings which can tip their hat to fans of the show. You will start out at Glastonbury Grove before heading into the iconic Red Room, with audio from the series being used during.
The bit maintains to allow gamers”follow in the footsteps” of Special Agent Dale Cooper. We’re not exactly sure how long it will continue nor should there’ll be any interactive elements, but expect references to both the first show and the recent revival, Twin Peaks: the Return.

Only the thought of David Lynch-level weirdness in virtual reality is already enough to make my head spin, but I am sure plenty of people will be pretty excited with this particular official Twin Peaks VR encounter. I guess I’ll have to watch Twin Peaks to get a grip on this new Virtual Reality. It seems just like this match to reply any questions regarding this Twin Peaks world class shouldn’t be expected by fans. For all those who have not caught up on Lynch’s return into the notorious Washington mountain city, you ought to be aware that it is a bewildering, awe-inspiring, beautiful 18-part television experience which is not so much a continuation of the first series’ narrative since it’s an exercise in stunning filmmaking. People that are tired of the exact same old revivals which bring back cherished icons in the’80s and’90s but elderly and not as intriguing should delight in what Lynch has performed using Twin Peaks: The Return, that will be pretty much a middle finger to”getting the band back together.”

Source: Venturebeat

Oculus Quest delievers VR Gaming Freedom for $399 Spring 2019

At this year’s Oculus Link occasion, the favorite VR company delivered on a guarantee it’s been making for several years, Oculus Quest. Oculus unveiled Quest, a high-end VR gambling system that’s completely self-evident and surprisingly cheap ($399 USD). Oculus Quest will come joined by 50 new game titles. It’s also compatible with a few of the Rift’s best hits, such as The Climb and Robo Recall. Expect additional information about the system itself to roll out since the launch date approaches. To help support the new hardware as well as more events in Esports to entire a new generation of gamers into Glory.

Introducing Oculus Quest—Our First All-in-One VR Gaming System

Finally, an individual may consider Oculus Quest as striking the perfect balance between Go’s effortless mobility and Rift’s premium experience. Bolstered by breakthrough technologies, Quest offers six degrees of freedom, meaning that it functions independently of any peripheral consoles, cables, computers, or devices. Included with purchase are just two optimized Touch controllers, enabling seamless power above a plethora of virtual worlds. Put it all together and the result is VR game-play that is as immersive as it is tethered. This is going to change how people are going about games and if the enviroments that have been created already aren’t a hint as to what is to come. Think about onward getting played by Esports Teams in a Mock Area or fighting it out in mobilized mech’s. The Future is Bring for VR gaming.

Oculus Connect 5 | at Standalone Scale: Maximizing Immersion on Oculus Quest

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Vox Machinae -Early Access Out Now! | VR Mech Assault Combat

The much anticipated Vox Vachinae has finally been released for early access to stores and people are already shelling out to get in on the Grinder.  it’s been grinding it’s way up the Trending Games list on the steam store and Oculus store alike. Some people are wondering why it’s early Access? This game was in a closed Alpha and beta that was going on for a long time before anyone has gotten to play it. It was released on September 26th looks to already have a pretty active player base. They are going to have to compete with free to play games like Archangel but like all multiplayer games it’s going to be down to the player numbers to see who’s going to come out on top.

Here’s what the developer’s have to say!

“At Space Bullet, we think that Early Access should be about expanding on an already fun and stable core game with the guidance of a broader community. Vox Machinae is currently at this stage, offering an exhilarating and immersive gameplay experience that plays and runs great. We’re ready to expand that core experience to include a richer feature set. Together with players we believe we can build on our solid foundation and elevate Vox Machinae to be the finest giant stompy robot combat simulator ever created.”
Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“Our estimate is that it will take 6 months to a year to add all the features we want in a full version of Vox Machinae.”
How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“Some features we plan to include in the full version of Vox Machinae are:
– Module system to add new abilities to your robot.
– More content (robots, weapons, maps).
– New game modes unique to Vox Machinae!
– Enhanced AI.
– Interact with other pilots in the Hangar.”
What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“Vox Machinae currently offers thrilling core gameplay, great visuals, and highly-optimized VR and non-VR performance. Bugs are minimal, and stability is high. Multiplayer consists of Deathmatch, Salvage, and Stockpile modes with varying number of teams from two to four. Additionally we have a free-for-all mode and configurable win conditions. Content includes five robots, ten weapons, and five maps to play on. AI bots are available to play against offline, or to fill empty slots on online servers.”
Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“Vox Machinae already provides great bang for the buck. Price may increase when leaving Early Access to reflect the amount of additional content and polish added.”
How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“Many improvements to the game have already been a direct result of close communication and feedback from our community of testers. We look forward to continuing this tradition on a larger scale, collaborating with our community to shape the future of Vox Machinae.”

With all the process in mind and some pretty good downloads we think it’s just the right time to get onto get into the grind so to speak. We will be doing live stream Gameplay to our Twitch/Dlive channels in preparation for our Hands on Review with the game. We will be doing doing testing with the Steam application of the game in order to allow for testing with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive hardware. We don’t have the pro so that will have to come at a later date!

Why Early Access? Because they wanna make the game even better and have a good plan for it. 

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