VR Sound Mixing Console – dearVR Spatial connect

Dear Truth formally releases the innovative and revolutionary fresh dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT which empowers sound engineers and musicians to make immersive 3D audio content right from VR. It removes the requirement to change back and forth between your DAW and your VR manufacturing environment and allows you to undergo a radical gesture-controlled workflow.

Mixing VR in VR — that is the exciting chance provided by dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT, a fresh VR application. Launched by Sennheiser spouse Dear Reality.

This standalone software lets sound engineers and musicians to combine immersive virtual reality experiences right at a VR environment, eliminating dull switching forth and back between the blending and the manufacturing environments.
“That really is actually the mixing console of the future,” explained Christian Sander of Dear Reality. “Audio Engineers can combine with their palms and arrange the sound resources in the 3D area. The engineer can’t just hear all audio resources in the program but also see them they are represented as spheres which may be transferred and blended as desired.” DearVR SPATIAL CONNECT not just controls the digital audio recorders, but in addition the 3D sound processing plugin dearVR PRO.
Through the blending process, the programmer or sound engineer communicates VR glasses and utilizes the VR controller along with the attached virtual beam to position the sound resources, place their control and level solo/mute and automatic modes for the audio sources.

Picture and alter your mixture with only a gesture
Control the rankings of virtual sound sources just by pointing in the digital area around you or simply by touching it at the Minimap. Always have the entire mix as well as also the automation of your own workstation envisioned from the Minimap scenario. Use different tools in your own VR control to compose automation and command the mixture automatically. The dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT provides you the capacity to look at your mixture headtracked in runtime since it’s going to be perceived at the finished moderate and optimize it immediately.

Major features such as Transport-control, Navigation Techniques, Solo/Mute and Degrees
Jump via the deadline as you are utilized to on your DAW and place loop and markers pointers. All amounts could be controlled either at the Meterbridge or simply by pointing at the origin and doing an up or down gesture, like painting your mixture.

Each audio source from the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT is a representation of a dearVR PRO monitor on your DAW. It’s possible to command the spatial position in addition to the acoustic presets to simulate a vehicle, a church, a stadium or a concert hall. Choose which sound format you wish to output in the end and track it headtracked with cans or perhaps loudspeakers.
(Notice: the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT does require a dearVR PRO permit for complete 3D audio generation )


1-Superfast iteration times by eliminating tiresome switching back and forth between the mixing and the production environment.

2-Mix Spatial Audio for the first time in VR with a one of its kind software

3-Optimized workflow and enhanced controls for 360° video audio production

4-Control commonly used DAW features in VR

5-Use your existing audio workstations and use the dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT as extension for your content creation workflow

6-Connect and control the sophisticated state-of-the-art dearVR PRO plugin

7-Close the gaps between Recording, Processing and Playback

8-Full visualization and control of up to 32 channels

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