Oculus Quest delievers VR Gaming Freedom for $399 Spring 2019

At this year’s Oculus Link occasion, the favorite VR company delivered on a guarantee it’s been making for several years, Oculus Quest. Oculus unveiled Quest, a high-end VR gambling system that’s completely self-evident and surprisingly cheap ($399 USD). Oculus Quest will come joined by 50 new game titles. It’s also compatible with a few of the Rift’s best hits, such as The Climb and Robo Recall. Expect additional information about the system itself to roll out since the launch date approaches. To help support the new hardware as well as more events in Esports to entire a new generation of gamers into Glory.

Introducing Oculus Quest—Our First All-in-One VR Gaming System

Finally, an individual may consider Oculus Quest as striking the perfect balance between Go’s effortless mobility and Rift’s premium experience. Bolstered by breakthrough technologies, Quest offers six degrees of freedom, meaning that it functions independently of any peripheral consoles, cables, computers, or devices. Included with purchase are just two optimized Touch controllers, enabling seamless power above a plethora of virtual worlds. Put it all together and the result is VR game-play that is as immersive as it is tethered. This is going to change how people are going about games and if the enviroments that have been created already aren’t a hint as to what is to come. Think about onward getting played by Esports Teams in a Mock Area or fighting it out in mobilized mech’s. The Future is Bring for VR gaming.

Oculus Connect 5 | at Standalone Scale: Maximizing Immersion on Oculus Quest

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