Onward VR Free weekend on Oculus Home Starting October 26th, 2018

Hey PC VR owners, Haven’t tried Onward VR yet? Onward is a multiplayer army shooter which focuses on realism, and it has created a name for itself as among the very best aggressive VR games available at this time.

There is no requirement Vive and Rift possess a excellent shooter of the own you could try for free that weekend. Downpour Interactive’s Onward is going to be liberated to play with from October 26th to 28th through Oculus Home. It will provide you with the opportunity to experience the most recent edition of the sport, which adds controllers tailored into the Oculus Touch controls (instead of simply emulating the Vive controllers as before) along with the capacity to capture then throw back grenades, which has to happen in actual warfare all of the time. It’s quickly becoming one of the most played games and has made it’s way into the Esports brackets. If you haven’t given it a shot or are looking for something to play with that new headet on the way keep you eye’s pealed.

Be sure to give it a go during the free weekend starting on the 26th October on Oculus Home!

Will we see you on the battlefield?

Or you Can buy it now on Steam and Oculus Home

Live Gameplay Onward VR via Defango

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