Twin Peaks VR – Red Room Experience Soon?

I have to admit I’ve never partaken in Twin Peaks VR, therefore much of this encounter would most likely be lost on me. I have got no doubt that there’ll be enough in there for lovers to pore over and create exotic theories about, however.
The experience will be launching on the Rift and Vive at an undisclosed date through Steam.
The cult classic series is really getting its very own experiential piece for its Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Collider reports (in fact, it seems Collider’s Games Team is actually working on the project). Set to debut at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption at L.A. after this month, this piece features key strings which can tip their hat to fans of the show. You will start out at Glastonbury Grove before heading into the iconic Red Room, with audio from the series being used during.
The bit maintains to allow gamers”follow in the footsteps” of Special Agent Dale Cooper. We’re not exactly sure how long it will continue nor should there’ll be any interactive elements, but expect references to both the first show and the recent revival, Twin Peaks: the Return.

Only the thought of David Lynch-level weirdness in virtual reality is already enough to make my head spin, but I am sure plenty of people will be pretty excited with this particular official Twin Peaks VR encounter. I guess I’ll have to watch Twin Peaks to get a grip on this new Virtual Reality. It seems just like this match to reply any questions regarding this Twin Peaks world class shouldn’t be expected by fans. For all those who have not caught up on Lynch’s return into the notorious Washington mountain city, you ought to be aware that it is a bewildering, awe-inspiring, beautiful 18-part television experience which is not so much a continuation of the first series’ narrative since it’s an exercise in stunning filmmaking. People that are tired of the exact same old revivals which bring back cherished icons in the’80s and’90s but elderly and not as intriguing should delight in what Lynch has performed using Twin Peaks: The Return, that will be pretty much a middle finger to”getting the band back together.”

Source: Venturebeat

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